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Wednesday, 05 December 2018 03:21

Batch Support and Job Monitoring

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Control-M simplifies the management and monitoring of batch processes,
integrating all aspects into a single viewpoint, providing an increased span of control,
improving productivity, and reducing errors and delays. Control-M provides crossapplication
and cross-platform scheduling capabilities, such as job dependencies,
workload balancing, and event based job execution, preventing scheduling challenges
from becoming business challenges.


Pressure is growing for IT organizations to innovate and deliver applications and new
business services faster than ever. Driving initiatives including big data and DevOps
while ensuring security measures remain intact are critical to keeping a competitive
edge. Furthermore, data centers continue to increase in complexity with a mix of
mainframe, distributed systems, virtual, public and private cloud, and mobile
platforms, all of which run numerous applications. Managing the workloads that
span these multiple disparate platforms creates the need to address real-time
processing and to deliver those services.


Control-M delivers the next wave of IT automation—Digital Business Automation—
moving beyond traditional workload automation and adapting to modern IT
technologies and processes. Control-M improves workflow services performance
and usability, and reduces operating efficiencies with new capabilities such as
out-of-the box predictive analytics, automated agent and client deployment for
faster upgrades and maintenance, and a time saving global calendar. Control-M
significantly enhances automated application workflow promotion through
automated job promotion across environments.



Control-M, the industry leading workload automation solution, reduces operating costs, improves IT system reliability, and enables faster workflow deployments.


  • Automated agent and client deployment –
    Update agents or deploy/upgrade clients
    in a few simple steps
  • Run time analytics – Get advanced
    out-of-the-box insight into all jobs at
    a glance
  • High availability – Maximize production
    environment uptime, prevent data loss,
    and ensure business continuity
  • Near-zero downtime upgrades – With
    in-place, near-zero downtime upgrades,
    innovate faster than ever
  • Workflow deployment time reduced up
    to 80 percent as all job definitions are
    modified and validated to site standards
    and manual tasks are reduced during the
    promotion process
  • Admin costs and time reduced from
    months to days with automated client
    and agent deployment, and save up to
    50 percent administrative time with
    global calendars
Wednesday, 05 September 2018 14:51

Sharepoint Solutions

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